Hi, I'm Enrique, this is my hot sauce company.
I'm an Argentinian living in the Florida Keys, more specifically in Key West (Cayo Hueso - Bone Island).
For us hot sauce is more than just spiciness, it's a way to share moments, to connect, to build memories, to share with others. And ok, sometimes it's just a way to spice you up!

Here is part of how this story started.

Once upon a time in The Florida Keys, often known as the Bone Islands, once housed a skeleton named Bones. He had a passion for heat and especially enjoyed hot meals. He spent his days visiting the islands and experimenting with various hot sauces. Bones made the decision to produce his own hot sauces. He practiced for months, experimenting with various substances making new friends and trying out various formulations. He was finally able to produce a line of hot sauces that he was truly proud of. He couldn't keep his sauces to himself. In order to spread some of the heat and flavor of the Bone Islands to everyone, he started Bones Guy Hot Sauces as a result.

At Bones Guy Hot Sauces, we are passionate about providing high quality and delicious hot sauces. That is why we believe that hot sauces should not only be spicy but also flavorful. To attain that our sauces are locally made in Key West, Florida in small batches, carefully selecting only natural ingredients to ensure that each sauce has a unique and delicious taste and to maintain the highest quality, so you can feel good about what you are eating. And let's be honest, who doesn't like a little spice in their life.

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